possible adult Christian education study topics at Knox UC – Winter 2014

We are considering a number of small groups study topics for our upcoming adult small group study this winter.

Bible video series – discussions group with child care 

One thought is to have a weekday evening session for parents of young families where they could view the episodes of the History Channel’s popular Bible video series at home and and then discuss it at the church as a group. We are looking into providing baby sitting / child care during the session so parents could relax and participate in the sessions while their kids are being taken care of.

Michael Dowd – science intersects religion

We are also looking at using some of the materials e.g.. video and books from Michael Dowd, a preacher who travels around Canada and the US in a van with his wife talking about the intersection and continuity between modern science and religion as the basis for an adult study. This topic might also me attractive to our youth.

Have a look at the following TED talk by Michael Dowd and see if you are intrigued. Get  back to us at Christian Education and let us know what you think about these ideas or with any other ideas that you might have.

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