Music at Knox

Music plays an integral part in the life of Knox.  Our music programming is as diverse as the people who make the music—our choirs, instrumentalists, Music Director, soloists, and those who are just singing out with joy along with the congregation.  Sunday worship usually offers a mix of traditional and contemporary music, with hymns drawn from Voices United and More Voices. Both organ and piano are used for Preludes, Offertories and Postludes as well as accompanying the hymn singing and ministries of music offered by our choirs. 


A women’s choir leads the singing for most Sunday services, but there are plenty of opportunities for men to sing as well.  At Choir and Pub nights anyone can come for just one rehearsal where we prepare an easy anthem for the following Sunday, and then socialize at the local pub.  Advent and Spring choirs run for 6 weeks, leading up to a special service.  Choir rehearsals are on Thursday evenings.

Children’s Choir

There are several 6-8 week sessions of Children’s Choir each year, with percussion and movement to go along with the singing.  Some sessions also include tone chimes or other instruments.  Rehearsals take place after church on Sundays.

Youth Band

The core of the Youth Band are young people who can learn their parts at home.  Any other youth who want to join in the fun can play percussion and/or sing back-up vocals.  We pull it all together in one rehearsal and then play at the following Sunday service.

To get up-to-date information about Knox’s music program check the weekly bulletin (handed out at Sunday services) or follow Alison on Twitter  or @alisonkrmusic.

The Role of Music in Worship

Please watch this interview to hear Alison’s view on the role of music in worship.

Alison Kranias – Music Director

Alison Kranias came to her career as a church musician with a background in Early Music (Bach, Handel, Couperin et al.) and a love of worship.  She has served as Interim Music Director at several Ottawa churches, including Woodroffe and Glen Cairn United.  She also teaches piano to elementary school-age children and does editing work for the NAC Orchestra.  Alison is always excited to discover what musical gifts her congregation has to offer, and include them in worship services.  Alison studied harpsichord at McGill University, obtaining a Bachelor of Music degree.  She later returned to McGill to earn a Masters in Musicology, specializing in amateur music-making in the late Renaissance.  In Ottawa, she has taken organ lessons with Karen Holmes and earned her Colleague diploma (RCCO). Through her work in the church, she has broadened her repertroire to include contemporary, popular music.  Alison also continues to explore improvisation, expanding on the techniques she learned as a harpsichord student.