Capital City Bikers Church Visit to Knox

capital city bikers church logo

We were joined by a contingent of some 15 to 20 people from the Capital City Biker’s Church (Biker Church) at our Jan. 19/14th worship service at Knox. The congregation was held spellbound by Garner ‘Hillbilly’ Foster as he recounted the story of the troubled life he lead as a young man; a life replete with drugs, alcohol, violence and crime before he turned to God and met his life partner, Nelia.

He also talked about how they started church in their kitchen and how it grew over the last 13 years. He described some of the programs they run including a youth ministry and and their alcohol and drug recovery programs. We heard about their ‘free store’ where they provide clothes and furniture to immigrant families in Vanier at no charge.

CCBC photo

He described their motorcycle part swap and the community barbecue that they throw for their neighbors to allow them to get a closer look at what is going on in their church and to alleviate any anxiety they might have about a tribe of leather clad, motorcycle-ridng folks in their midst.

Hillbilly spoke for 20 minutes and you could have heard a pin drop. The Knox congregation was spellbound.

There was terrific interaction after the service during the coffee hour between the Capital folks and our own parishioners. There is a talk of a troop of our Knox people going over to the Biker church in Vanier sometime soon one Thursday night to participate in one of their worship services.

We look forward to further dialogue with the Biker Church and to them returning in the Spring when the weather improves and they are able to ride their motorcycles to Knox.

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