Interfaith dialogue with Temple Israel

temple israel logo

I had lunch with one of the members of Temple Israel yesterday. You’ll  recall Temple Israel is a Jewish reform synagogue community located on Prince of Wales here in Ottawa.  I was interested in cultivating a friendship with one of their members and to find out more about what is going on at the Temple.

You’ll recall that we had invited the folks from Temple Israel over to the itfar (Ramadan fast breaking) dinner back in August that the Turkish Muslim folks from the Intercultural Dialogue Institute had cooked for us.

Following that The Temple Israel folks had invited the Knox congregation and the folks from the Intercultural Dialogue Institute to attend a Sukkot dinner event at their temple on September 22nd last year.

A splendid time was had by all who attended one or both of these events.

We discussed what our next steps might be and we both agreed that we needed to come up with some sort of joint project that both groups could get involved in. Any suggestions?

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