Knox United Church is rocked to its very foundations – visit of the Union United Church men’s gospel and band



On Sunday, January 26th, we had the men’s fellowship gospel choir from Union United Church in Montreal join us for our worship service on the occasion of our 51st anniversary Sunday. They were accompanied by their four piece band. Suffice to say, the place was rocking. The chorus and the band were breath taking.

See the following video clip:

The property committee is investigating the integrity of our building’s structure to detect possible over stress caused by all the dancing and moving during the service. The place has never seemed so lively. Everybody had a ball!!!

We had some wonderful fellowship with the Union folks before and after the service. We look forward to visiting them at their church in Montreal sometime soon and exploring ways that we might work together and gain insight from what each other is doing in terms of outreach , pastoral care, etc.

We look forward to a long and lasting affiliation with Union UC.

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