Ask Andrew #1, 2021 Why Do We Have a Psalm Every Sunday?

While COVID-19 makes our in-person services challenging, Knox is providing podcast services. Not everyone can access these, though, so we are also posting my sermons on our Knox Talks blog. I would like to thank Shelley Rose for transcribing my notes into text for the blog. Ask Andrew 1 (2021): Why Do We Have aContinue reading “Ask Andrew #1, 2021 Why Do We Have a Psalm Every Sunday?”

Ask Andrew 2 (2018) Time to Be Holy

Question: What does it mean “Take Time to Be Holy?” Aren’t we always supposed to BE “holy?” No one is perfect . . . can we be “unholy” sometimes and still be a good Christian? (Dave’s postlude filled my head this morning). Hymn Reference: “Take Time to Be Holy” by William D. Longstaff (c. 1882)Continue reading “Ask Andrew 2 (2018) Time to Be Holy”

Ask Andrew 3: Psalms

Ask Andrew 3: Psalms Why did the United Church not include all Psalms in Voices United? Why shorten them? Why don’t we use the music from the Scottish Psalter as responses? You know how it is with budget cutbacks: we had to let some of the Psalms go! OK, before I start on a seriousContinue reading “Ask Andrew 3: Psalms”

Yes, Worship Matters!

  Worship services have special meaning for every individual who takes a seat in our sanctuary. This fact alone poses an interesting challenge when we think about how we see our church in the near and distant future. Not surprisingly, “Make changes in the way we do worship” is one of the top five projectsContinue reading “Yes, Worship Matters!”