The Challenge of the Atheist Minister

Earlier in November, the United Church of Canada announced that it had reached a “confidential settlement” with Gretta Vosper, the United Church minister who is a publicly self-declared Atheist, allowing her to remain as minister in her Toronto congregation. This has generated a great deal of conversation and soul-searching among United Church members here atContinue reading “The Challenge of the Atheist Minister”

Ask Andrew 5: The Source of My Views on the LGBTQ Community

“Ask Andrew” is an annual opportunity for members of Knox to ask questions of faith and religion. Andrew answers them in the Sunday morning service, and now in this blog. Enjoy! What was the transformative experience in your life that most influenced your views on the LGBTQ community? This answer may be a bit disappointing:Continue reading “Ask Andrew 5: The Source of My Views on the LGBTQ Community”

The Value of Pride

  It has been a few years since I last participated in the Ottawa Pride parade. I have been on vacation in August most summers, so I simply missed it. This year I got the chance to go again. I marched with the United Church contingent, which included members from a variety of congregations, asContinue reading “The Value of Pride”

Ask Andrew 3: Psalms

Ask Andrew 3: Psalms Why did the United Church not include all Psalms in Voices United? Why shorten them? Why don’t we use the music from the Scottish Psalter as responses? You know how it is with budget cutbacks: we had to let some of the Psalms go! OK, before I start on a seriousContinue reading “Ask Andrew 3: Psalms”