Echoes of Ramah

While COVID-19 makes our in-person services challenging, Knox is providing podcast services. Not everyone can access these, though, so we are also posting my sermons on our Knox Talks blog. I would like to thank Shelley Rose for transcribing my notes into text for the blog. Echoes of Ramah Scriptures: Jeremiah 31:15-17 Matthew 2:16-18 TheContinue reading “Echoes of Ramah”

Canada Day 2018: Putting Our Best Foot Forward

Last year, as we celebrated Canada’s 150th anniversary, I had really mixed feelings. I was nostalgic for the unbridled pride and joy of Expo 67, Centennial year, when I was too young to be aware of politics or social issues. But last year, as an adult, my feelings were mixed. I was proud to beContinue reading “Canada Day 2018: Putting Our Best Foot Forward”