Repentance, Resentment and Reconciliation

While COVID-19 makes our in-person services challenging, Knox is providing podcast services. Not everyone can access these, though, so we are also posting my sermons on our Knox Talks blog. I would like to thank Shelley Rose for transcribing my notes into text for the blog. Repentance, Resentment and Reconciliation Scriptures: Luke 15:1-32 Today’s lessonContinue reading “Repentance, Resentment and Reconciliation”

Ask Andrew 3 (2018): God the All Powerful and All Good

Question: How can God be all powerful and all good at the same time? There are some hidden assumptions in this question: One could be: if God is all powerful and all good, then God would prevent bad things from happening. For example: someone like Hitler could never come to power and commit genocide; thereContinue reading “Ask Andrew 3 (2018): God the All Powerful and All Good”