Every Living Thing

As we are all staying at home during COVID-19, Knox is providing podcast services. Not everyone can access these, though, so we are also posting my sermons on our Knox Talks blog. I would like to thank Shelley Rose for transcribing my notes into text for the blog. — (Rev) Andrew Jensen Every Living ThingContinue reading “Every Living Thing”

Ask Andrew 2 (2020): Harry’s Question about Creation

Ask Andrew #2: Harry’s Question about Creation I’m always happy when one of the children of Knox asks a question for my Ask Andrew series. Normally I would share the answer during the “Children’s Time” on Sunday, but the Pandemic has changed the way we do things, so we created a special podcast, just forContinue reading “Ask Andrew 2 (2020): Harry’s Question about Creation”

Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

Do dogs go to heaven? This link replays a funny debate that reflects something serious that Christians have been arguing about for centuries. On CBC’s The Current, a neurologist asks the scientific equivalent of this question: how “human” are dogs? The interview is worth hearing: Download Are dogs more human than we realize? – OctContinue reading “Do Dogs Go to Heaven?”