Knox Sweeps the Awards

Members of Knox celebrate Volunteer Award winners.
Members of Knox celebrate Volunteer Award winners.

Okay, perhaps that title is a bit over the top, but at the Ward 9 volunteer awards last night people from Knox did very well.

First up was Betty Usher, who was recognized as “Senior Volunteer” for her work at Knox (worship committee, weekly scripture readers, choir, connecting us with the Biker church and other special speakers), as well as a lifetime of volunteerism that has included driving families to visit inmates in prison, energizing the Nepean Songsters, organizing activities for youth, and other things that go back to when she was 18. Betty wanted everyone to know how much she has personally benefited by meeting the many people she has encountered in her years of volunteering.

Then came the Thomsons, Morley and Jane, who won the “Family Volunteer” award for their many years of work with refugees through Knox and through Refuge Now. They started back when the Vietnamese Boat People were first arriving, and haven’t stopped since! We also got a chance to hear a bit about their other volunteer work, which us gave an inter-generational background to their volunteerism, as well as a sense of the personal rewards that come with helping others.

We also enjoyed a bit of reflected glory when Shannon Bagg was recognized for her work setting up the “Just for Kicks” program. This group supports special-needs children as they play soccer in the community. Shannon connects to Knox through our annual Camp Awesome summer camp, so we feel like we can claim her as one of our own.

No church would exist without the hard work of volunteers. These people do so many things, and aren’t in it for the glory. Still, it’s nice to see volunteers get recognition once in a while, and that’s why last night’s ceremony was so special.

So congratulations to Betty, Jane, Morley and Shannon! Your awards are well deserved.

And thanks to them, and to all the other volunteers whose work makes such a difference. Knox and Ward 9 are better because of you.

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