United Church of Canada’s Comprehensive Review Process – Update

A number of our congregants participated in the United Church of Canada’s Comprehensive Review Process back in the latter part of Sept./13. The process involved a trained interviewer coming to our church and asking us a number of pre-arranged questions and recording our responses for correlation with those of other congregations. This process went on from late Spring 2013 until Fall 2013. Some 600 United Church congregations from across Canada gave their input in this process.

The United Church has recently published an interim report on the sort of information it gleaned in the above process. You can access this report at the following link:


You can also participate in an on-line discussion regarding the report’s findings at the following link:


This is an interesting time in the life of our mother church. While there are some uncertainties surrounding what the central United Church will look like from a governance and administrative point of view, it also opens the way for positive change and the way that we to do things at the congregational level e.g. worship, fellowship, inter church dialogue.

Enjoy the read and participate in the on-line dialogue. You’ll find them thought provoking.

How could some of the ideas tossed around in this forum bear on what we are doing with our visioning initiative at Knox UC?

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