The Church as a Person (under construction)

We held a visioning event with the help of our external facilitator on Feb. 17th/13.  The title of the event was the 'church as a person'.  Here we sought to get a sense of who we were as a church community and what sort of 'person' we thought our church might be.  Please see below for the results of our discussions at this event.

Congregation as a Person

Imagine your congregation as a person:

·      What gender is he/she? 

·      What age?

·      What kind of a personality does s/he have?

·      What are this person’s passions? 

·      What does this person hold precious? 

·      What makes this person angry?

·      What makes this person laugh?

·      What quirky foibles does this person have?

·      How does this person live out his/her  spiritual core values? 

·      Why would you want to hang out with this person?

·      What parts of this person’s story have left a mark on them?

·      What parts of the story have been joyful? Which part painful?

·      How would you know this person’s faith matters to them?

·      If they kept a secret, what would it be?

·      What are this person’s hopes and dreams for the future?

·      If you could give this person one gift what would it be?

·      What does this person need to let go of?

     What is it like to be this person?

·      What are some of the important issues for this person?

·      What are some of the traits or gifts that can help this person face future questions?

·      What challenges does this person have?

·      What options do people like him/her have?