Events and Activities

February 1st and 15th and March 1st Code@Knox 6:30 to 8:00 pm (session will be in the basement)

February 25th - Annual Congregational Meeting, after the service. Muffins and coffee / tea will be served.

March 4th - Pancake and Sausage Brunch, after the service.

April 1st - Easter - Worship services at 8 AM (outdoors) and 10 AM. Hot Cross Buns with coffee / tea after both services.

April 8th - Fish Fry, two sittings at 5 and 6:30 pm.


Back by popular demand! We are holding three more Code@Knox sessions.

Thursdays February 1st and 15th and March 1st 6:30-8:00 pm at Knox (in the basement)

We will be learning to write games and solve puzzles on your laptop or tablet in a highly interactive, exciting environment. This event is targeted at young and old alike for beginners to start but we will have advanced level attendees as well. We will be using and possibly Greenfoot.

If you want to try it, visit

Pair up, send me a note and come on out. Bring your grandchildren, a parent or a friend. It is fun, easy and crafty. It will officially run for about an hour. Count on 15 minutes ahead of start for setup and teardown at the end.

Please click here to read the flyer for more details.